KWA Design Group was formed in 1981 to create the most quality, innovative and beautiful products possible. KWA’s vertically integrated capabilities from brand definition, product design and development to final delivery and packaging, offer a distinct creative and commercial advantage to clients. KWA is committed to helping you meet the challenge of brand and product innovation by providing a complete range of in-house capabilities:

Consumer Research
Concept Development
Environmental Design
Rapid Prototyping

Multi Media
Industrial Design

Brand Strategy
Product Design
Interaction Design
Project Management
Logo Design

Exhibition Design
Graphic Design
Multi Prototyping
User Interface Design

KWA is dedicated to meeting the product development and brand strategy needs of our clients. KWA provides one-stop, all-inclusive service from our headquarters in Sydney, Australia. With highly skilled staff, ultra-modern facilities and unmatched understanding of a range of industries including retail, consumer, telecommunication, medical, information and communication technologies, KWA is the ideal partner for companies seeking greater competitive edge and improved success in global markets.

Project Development
To make any product a winning improvement in competitive markets, it has to be tested to the limits. This often involves going back to the user for feedback, reviewing options and refining the working design. Refinements take form in preliminary 3D CAD, soft mock-ups and revised 2D and 3D sketches. Improved concepts are then communicated through models, computer generated illustrations and renderings, and presented to the client for final approval. Then, with a confident and well-informed business decision in place, the production process is ready to begin. Throughout every phase, KWA’s secure network allows international clients simple, timely access to large files and easy communication for rapid problem-solving action.

Production Partnership
KWA has proven its ability to deliver quality and compliance outcomes for clients for thirty years. KWA provides clients a pre-production management service, working on their behalf to ensure design intent and quality standards are intact throughout the manufacturing process. KWA can project manage independently or in a collaborative capacity with the Client, creating a seamless link between the product design pre-production requirements, the Client’s own manufacture and engineering capability and the requirement to outsource aspects or the entire production process to offshore manufacturers.

Patents & Intellectual Property
Over the past 30 years KWA has filed for numerous patents and has extensive experience at the complex and definitive criteria, process, stages, procedures and requirements that must be met to achieve a successful patent. We have established relationships with several of Australia’s leading firms of patent attorneys who form an essential resource to KWA clients seeking IP and Patent advice and lodgement. KWA’s most notable patent success is the ResMed Mirage Mask, the predecessor of the Australian Product of the Year. KWA has also successfully patented a number of its own products under the Amtec brand of mobile phone accessories. A notable feature of customer feedback to KWA is the value placed by Clients on our ability and willingness to provide detailed and professional advice on IP and patent matters, and is a distinctive value-add of the total KWA brand offering.