Discgo Chargers – A huge success

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KWA designed product Discgo charger has been a huge success and is now being sold across Europe and in the USA as well as at Holiday Inns and other work places across Australia.

Here’s what Sean, the inventor and MD of Discgo Charger Systems had to say about KWA Design Group:

We started working with KWA over 3 years ago. In short. The results have been excellent. We have travelled around the world now selling our Discgo Chargers. We have seen the competition and we have been applauded for the results and the quality that Discgo Charger provides to all that use the device. Without KWA’s smarts and professional ability to bring my dream alive and to market we wouldn’t be in the position we are today. KWA all the way if you want to be a market leader and produce quality products. 


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