Our Services

We offer wide range of services, ranging from product ideation through to manufacture, branding, graphics and web design.

Market Research

We make informed evaluation of identified ideas and opportunities, and the best ideas are then gathered up and explored in-depth. From there we define a brand and design vision, creating the chance to differentiate and innovate your products, create brand leadership and satisfy the complex needs of clients. This becomes our design strategy, providing the guiding principles for achieving the success of your project.

Concept Development

KWA uses a proven methodology to understand, research, visualize and model, pushing for improvements at every opportunity and enabling the best ideas to be transformed into tangible outcomes. Our flexible methods include visualization through various mediums including sketching, 2D and 3D generated computer models and photorealistic renderings. This affords KWA the opportunity to provide clients with a tailored service to meet their output expectations within a set time frame for the right price.

Detailed Design

A unique feature of KWA’s extensive experience is the fact that we have designed and manufactured a diverse range of our own products. KWA has direct experience in the design and production of a large variety of products including electric fan room heaters, lighting, promotional products, sports products and mobile phone accessories etc. This first-hand understanding, coupled with 30 years of production responsibility for small and large companies has made KWA expert at production documentation that delivers outstanding results.

Rapid Prototyping

KWA is expert in the creation of models and prototypes tailored to suit your needs. We offer a complete prototyping service including proof-of-concept models and full working prototypes to enable easy collaboration, rapid and continual problem resolution and accelerating the flow and accuracy of information towards the finish line.


KWA has had 30 years to sort through and find the best offshore manufacturing vendors. We have established and trusted relationships with quality toolmakers, moulders, metal pressers, extrusion manufacturers, electronics assembly and post finishing vendors based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China.

Experience and Interaction

KWA creates products that improve lives through the study of ergonomics and human factors. This can only be achieved through deep knowledge and commitment to the user experience. KWA’s Design Leader and each of our talented team of designers have a full and pervasive knowledge of ergonomics and user-focus.

Packaging and P.O.S

As part of our integrated product development service, KWA has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of packaging and point of sale. Combined with our marketing and branding services, KWA is ideally positioned to satisfy all client needs and project requirements.


KWA understands the importance of marketing and branding to effectively communicate to potential clients, customers and investors. With over 30 years of experience, KWA’s design team works closely with the client to effectively present your company and its products.

Multimedia Presentation

KWA has the expertise to work with clients to produce professional multi-media presentations to assist clients in the promotion of their vision to potential users, customers and investors. Using the latest media software, KWA can produce presentations ranging from simple power-point and pdf presentations to dynamic and interactive animation and video presentations in a variety of formats.

Website Development

The collaboration of our design team brings together interaction, branding and multi-media design expertise enabling KWA to design and develop solutions to enhance the online experience for our client&#8217s customers. Whether a client requires a complete content rich website, or only needs to enhance existing website design, KWA has the ability to satisfy any client’s needs.