We live for product design.


We are passionate industrial designers committed to providing you with a complete turnkey approach from initial concept to production.


Founded in 1981, KWA Design Group is an internationally recognised Australian based Industrial Design consultancy with substantial experience in innovative, market leading product design. Underpinning KWA’s reputation in the design industry has been our ability to deliver brand, design, manufacturing, presentation and business outcomes at a high standard across an expanding, diverse range of industries.

Market Research

We offer clients an in-depth qualitative, quantitative and contextual market research capability, and most importantly, the skill and insight to interpret and implement effective design with a commercial strategy from our results. At KWA we make informed evaluations of newly identified market opportunities, taking the best ideas and exploring their potential in-depth. From there we work with you to define your brand and vision, creating the opportunity to differentiate and innovate your product. This becomes our design strategy and provides the guiding principles for the next step of the process.

User Experience

KWA creates products that improve lives through the study of ergonomics and human factors. This can only be achieved through a deep knowledge and commitment to the user experience. Each of our talented team of designers has a full and pervasive knowledge of ergonomics and user-focus. Good design is not possible without it, and every KWA product represents the balance and beauty that emanates from understanding the human impulse to instinctively interact with objects.


Concept Development

KWA uses a collaborative methodology to rapidly generate design concepts. Our clear and transparent approach to the design process ensures that only the best and validated ideas are cultivated, pursued and transformed into concepts. Through the use of sophisticated computer software these concepts are then realised through photorealistic renderings and animations to further explore the design. As part of our service we also offer to produce professional multi-media presentations, animations and assist clients in the promotion of their vision to potential users, customers and investors.

Detail Design

Decades of production responsibility for small and large companies alike has made KWA experts at production documentation. For every project KWA creates full manufacturing production packages. This includes the production CAD model and comprehensive 2D reference drawings nominating critical dimensions, tolerances, fits, finishes, materials, colours and a concise Bill of Materials as required. Artwork specifications, assembly work instructions and procedures are generated in tandem and are communicated with our established network of manufacturers throughout the production process which ensures optimal time, cost and materials efficiencies.


At KWA we offer a complete prototyping service from proof-of-concept models produced in-house using any one of our advanced 3D printers to full working prototypes for in-depth design evaluation and verification. Prototyping is essential for rapid problem resolution and to further refine the design prior to manufacture. At your discretion KWA may also fascilitate presentation/showroom models for an accruate, tangible reference of your design. KWA’s comprehensive network of model makers and prototyping manufacturers provide clients access to a full range of production methods including, CNC, SLA, SLS and low volume production tooling.


KWA has immense experience working with local and off-shore manufacturers. We have established trusting relationships with quality toolmakers, moulders, metal pressers, extrusion manufacturers, electronics assembly and post finishing vendors. Our quality network is defined by clear communication, value for money, rapid response and turnaround which allows us to produce your design, no matter the size or quantity, with outstanding results, competitive costs and with the confidence that the job will be done right.


Over Four Decades of Industry Experience


KWA’s vertically integrated capabilities from brand definition, product design and development to final delivery and packaging, offers a distinct creative and commercial advantage to our clients. With our history of innovation and consumer-focused design, KWA has been associated with a string of commercial successes.


Over the past four decades KWA has built an extensive client list. From humble startups to major multinational OEM’s, our commitment to you stays the same. Our goal is to create long lasting partnerships by exceeding the product development needs of our clients. With our highly skilled staff, modern facilities and proven expertise across a range of industries, KWA is the ideal partner for companies driven to achieving the highest levels of product excellence and success across diverse markets.

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